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Innovativ Re-energy and Lighting Future Technology

PV SOLAR Technology makes it possible for us to use an eco-friendly renewable source of energy, solar energy. Solar energy is used by PV SOLAR PANELs to produce electricity without creating any by-products. There is a possibility to transfer the solar energy back to the existing power network, to reduce the cost of electricity consumption. Thus, through PVSOLAR an Independent Standalone System (gas, electricity from public utility service providers) is established, which can be used according to individual needs.

The eco-friendly and cost-effective operation of hotels, office buildings, warehouses, industrial parks, family homes, public spaces and other buildings equipped with FSD Led Solar Panel proves to be an investment that is paid back in an ever shorter period of time due to increasing prices of energy.

With the help of smart inverters and batteries, the electricity produced with PV Solar Panels can be used most effectively to provide indoor and outdoor lighting for buildings, and to operate heating/air conditioning systems with Air Head Pumps fleet of computers, or other electric devices.

Energy consumption can be greatly reduced by applying the LED lighting technology and the heating/air conditioning system with air head pump that uses eco-energy.

Energy needs can be met very economically and eco-friendly if re¬newable energy sources and devices of a low energy requirement are used.

The Integrated Led Solar SYSTEM combines the technologies of PV Solar energy and LED lighting. Their usage results in cost-effective and eco-friendly operation of buildings. The usage of this technology leads to a safe system that requires no maintenance and supervision. All it needs is a one-time investment.

The advantages of LED technology

1. Led Solar Technology used in lighting facades

This modern technology makes it possible to illuminate building facades and public spaces with renewable energy.

The parapet fields of buildings alumina structural glazing have FSD Led Solar Panels built into them. Solar energy is converted into electricity by Multi-Crystalline Silicon PV Solar cells which are modulized within Solar Panels to allow a wide range of use.

Due to electricity produced with FSD Led Solar Panels, LED DESIGN technology of a low energy demand, integrated into panels, is used to illuminate building facades.

To meet the energy requirement of night lighting, the system uses the energy stored in SOLAR BATTERIES.

2. Illuminated signs and logos with integrated led lights

If an inverter is used in Solar Panel structural glazing to convert solar energy into electricity, it becomes a partial solution for operating the heating and air conditioning system run with air head pumps, internal and outside lighting and other electric equipment installed in a building.

By using the LED DESIGN technology also signs, logos and billboards can be lit efficiently.

3. Lighting of public spaces, parks, parking lots with led lightsources

Using Led light sources, squares, public areas, parks, parking lots, streets can be lit outdoors without any extra energy costs. The electricity produced by the FSD Led Solar SYSTEM is used to provide continuous energy supply with the help of inverters and batteries.

4. FSD Led solar technology in shading

Many kinds of materials are used for shading. One type of a shade is Solar Panel where Perforated Solar Cells are Integrated into glass surfaces. These cells perform a double function by protecting the building from direct sun¬shine, on the one hand, and producing electricity with the help of PV Solar Panels that catch the sun's energy, on the other. PV Solar Panels do the Job of converting sunshine into electricity. PV Solar Cells produce energy which is then used to operate buildings efficiently (heating-air conditioning, provision of electricity, lighting). Alsó, in¬tegrated Led Technology is used to provide Decorative Lighting for buildings (Design).

Shading of penthouses and roofs

FSD Solar Panels also prove to be very effective when used as parts of buildings roof structures or shades.

Huge surfaces are covered and shaded with the help of various techniques which are combined with the use and energy production of Solar Technology that conserves much solar energy from these surfaces.

5. Integrating solar panels into rails

Huge surfaces are available on the rails of hotels, office buildings, public buildings and other buildings with terraces which can be used to accommodate PV Solar tech-nology to produce electricity for an additional or an independent source of supply.

Advantages of the use of led solar technology

Integrated use of the Led Solar Technology

An independent electric system of buildings established by using LED SOLAR Technology and integrating such systems like PV SOLAR and FSD air head pumps, operates heating and air conditioning systems, while the use of an Inverter operates lighting and other electric systems. The inverter convert the solar energy to standard electrical system requirements for operates lighting and other electric devices. To save the extra energy created during energy production, batteries are installed, and the energy thus conserved can be used any time after darkness or if additional energy is needed.

In the future, complex integrated FSD REENERGY Technologies will make sure the use of eco-friendly and efficient energy.

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