The TRENERG Waste to REENERGY Technologies

Waste turned into Renewable Energy by Trenerg Technology

The aim of the project:

The application of green power fuel or green gas technologies provides a solution where the input materials are WASTE and WASTEWATER SLUDGE and by releasing and re-using the energy in them we can generate electric energy in a totally environment friendly way.

Harmful and biological waste materials released into the environment are placed into a closed, dump area, but their further processing is not significant. These dumps keep taking up more and more space and reducing the size of habitable land. This results in the reduction of agricultural land areas, the pollution of soil and subsoil waters while by employing the appropriate technology we can change the volume, consistency and the environmentally important chemical structure of it and further than this we can also use it as an energy source.

Compared to traditional factories Reenergy technologies is 4-5 times more efficient, and still it doesn’t have an impact on the environment. The TRENERG systems is totally closed, even the remaining ash can be used as construction material or road bed fill.

The TRENERG systems produces energy for its own operation as well, so this way it can operate independently.

Other energy production systems are greatly and extremely dangerous to the environment and ecological systems – all that can be avoided by the Reenergy waste disposal factory.

This makes the aim of the project obvious:

  1. Reduce environmental harm as per directives
  2. Processing waste materials and wastewater sludge
  3. Energy generation (electric energy, steam for district heating)
  4. Creating new work opportunities


Economic advantages:



The resulting dry material and ash can be used for many purposes in the construction industry. It can be mixed into road-beds or waste drainpipes can be made out of it.

Its operation means new job opportunities and workplaces. Because of the three-shift operation the number of employees can reach 40-50.


Input materials:

Industrial and municipal input waste materials:

The TRENERG Waste to Reenergy Power Plants basic information

Planned time of investment execution: Project completion within 18-20 months




The Waste to Reenergy Technologies from TRENERG


The Waste to Reenergy SITE PLAN

Depending on the capacity of the area

Size: 108K-540K ft2 (~10K-50K m2)


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